PAF Women Fighters


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Pakistan’s Unmanned Drone….The Future of Weaponry!

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Stand Up for The Champions of Pakistan!!!

A warning to the doom merchants – Pakistan will not bow down.


For decades they’ve talked about how Pakistan is on the verge of collapse, a failed state, better off chopped into four smaller countries. Ever since the nation’s birth our enemies have steadfastly worked overtime to reverse the miracle of Pakistan.

Pakistanis are arguably among the most resilient people in the history of this earth. No other nation can soak up as much pressures that Pakistan has in recent years.

We’ve fought wars, brought superpowers down on our doorstep, faced internal strife and terrorist attacks, faced monumental refugee crisis, earthquakes, floods, and have been labelled terrorists. However, each time we’ve dusted ourselves off and moved on with a solid determination and the steely resolve that makes us ‘Pakistanis’.

It is therefore no surprise that despite being deprived of top level international cricket for more than 15 months, being isolated internationally and reeling under the most harrowing incident of the game, fighting a war inside our borders and looking after three million of our brothers and sisters made homeless due to conflict, we have managed come out on top of the world in yesterday’s T20 final.

This is who we are.

This is what we do.

The next time someone tells you Pakistan’s about to fall to the Taliban or end up carved into four pieces, you can tell them to zip it. There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan. It has come to stay.

Don’t let them distract you, for we have a wonderful destiny to achieve, and a dream called ‘Pakistan’ to fulfill with 17 crore wickets in hand.

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General Kayani Leading From the Front (GREAT GOING)

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Loud & Clear From Islamabad–General Hameed Gul!! MUST WATCH

Exclusive: How ISI Kept CIA At Bay As Recounted By Hamid Gul

In the third episode of PKKH’s own production in association with, (Loud & Clear from Islamabad – Pakistan’s first and only Web-TV show) – Former ISI Chief Gen. Hamid Gul details how he once prevented the US ambassador from traveling to Peshawar without permission and how subsequent Pakistani rulers changed the practice, why he believes Pakistani nationalist officers within the military won’t let the outsiders and their Pakistani collaborators get their hands on our nuclear weapons. Watch him also reveal the details of a meeting he says former President Musharraf held with American emissaries five days after the coup where he gave the first of many concessions to America.

Also includes a fascinating message from Gen. Hamid Gul to the Pakistani Youth. MUST WATCH.

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Gaza Song By Michael Heart!! MUST WATCH!!!

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Zaid Hamid Exposing the Government, BLA and TTP!

Detailed analysis by Zaid Hamid on Rise and Shine, Waqt News TV, aired on May 22nd 2009.

Topics covered include the current refugee situation, foreign aid and the rampant corruption within the Pakistani government, and the situation in Balochistan. Zaid Hamid also clears up all misconceptions and exposes the dangerous and misleading statements being made by our politicians and the media’s lack of maturity over it.

Also discussed is the strategy and reasons behind the current operation and the plan of action for the future, and the dirty political game being played in Karachi.


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